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Round 6 Post-Discussion Empty Round 6 Post-Discussion

Post  Jon606 on Sat 21 Nov - 14:20

Here you can talk about what you thought of the sixth round.

Well we had 8 from 12; 66.7%; not our best turnout but it was still something. The re-arrangement was a much better idea as we would have only had 7 people in total had this been run on its original date of the 7th of November.

Most of the drivers got into the true DD spirit and went on a wrecking spree, although noted wrecker Jyrsis didn't live up to the rest of his season by putting himself out Razz Magnanimous did me so that's a 999 ban for him! Laughing Slidetech won by eliminatiing General Hybris, ending the DD in just about 12 minutes. I would have loved to run the first idea but upon reflection it would have taken forever to do, which is a shame.

Unfortunately one driver (not naming names although those who were in the server will know who it was) decided to actually wait until this round to openly admit he thought the league was a stupid idea, and that this final round idea was stupid and didn't reflect the league at all. Well what I can say to you is go and play the first Destruction Derby game (on the Playstation) and play one season in Championship mode. You'll notice the similarities in the structure between this Championship and that one.

Aside from this negative point, I'd just like to congratulate all 30 drivers who raced in this league (and also the only driver to race the Test Round but not any of the actual rounds). This league would have probably been cancelled without you lot:

01 Jyrsis
04 Jetter
05 Magnanimous
07 Puttonen
08 Wheeling
09 TorqueSteer
11 SlideTech
19 Waddock
20 J.MAY
22 Blixt
23 Rick
26 Spongey
27 Mookster
30 Borsu
31 Ollie
32 General Hybris
33 Harjun
47 Eclipse
51 Believer
52 Janne
61 M.Kujanpää
63 K-TWO
65 rdl
66 Bibibobobubu
67 KiRmelius
77 GotSpeed
83 Dark
95 Filius
98 Oliver
99 Weeksy

Season 2 will be coming in 2010, so can Slidetech and Jyrsis keep their titles? Or will someone else come in and take them? Who knows...

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Round 6 Post-Discussion Empty Re: Round 6 Post-Discussion

Post  hp999 on Sat 21 Nov - 15:14

First of all,thanks to CAD and especially Jon for dealing with the league. It was very fun. Altho some ppl had something to say about it,it was ok. So BIIIG BIIIG thanks to Jon&Spongey for the league and the server. I hope I can take apart from the next season aswell.


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Round 6 Post-Discussion Empty Re: Round 6 Post-Discussion

Post  mookster on Sun 22 Nov - 5:40

yeah it's a shame someone who shall remain nameless decided to leave it until the final meeting to basically say he thought the whole thing was rubbish...other than that 8 people wasn't too bad for the final meeting would have been better with a few more, shame on those people who signed up but never raced


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Round 6 Post-Discussion Empty Re: Round 6 Post-Discussion

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