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Here are the rules for the server. Breaking these rules may result in kicks or possibly bans.

  1. The most important rule is this: don't be a wimp. This basically means that if you get hit / lose places and start whining or moaning about it, then you will be told "IF YOU CANNOT TAKE A HIT ON THIS SERVER, THEN GO AWAY". This is a Destruction Derby server after all, so you WILL get hit, so just accept it! DD racing is also not serious racing, so please don't think that it's about the best laptimes and how many times you finish first; if you think this, then you've clearly come on the wrong server to race!

  2. All types of hits are allowed (as long as they are in the correct direction), but please remember to respect your fellow drivers, i.e. do NOT hit your fellow drivers at high speeds in turns just to wreck their car and their race (it really screws up the race for the other drivers). Warnings and bans will only be given for those hits that wreck other people's race, i.e. they get hit out of bounds at 200mph.

  3. No wrong way is allowed, as that's just a wimpish manoeuvre to try and get big hits on people.

  4. No blocking the track (especially areas where there are narrow bits) as this is incredibly annoying for everyone.

  5. Ignore all flags that come up in-game; this is a DD server after all, so flags shouldn't even be on!

  6. Do not act racist, swear at people or generally behave in a bad manner. DD is meant to be fun and is not meant to be a serious form of racing. So don't get angry!

  7. Mods that change the physics of the car, e.g. .vob mods, are strictly not allowed on the server, and will get you an instant perm ban if you are proven to have used them.

  8. No removing people from the list when a track is being selected unless you are an admin.

  9. Please only "talk" in English.

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