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Round 6 Race Information Empty Round 6 Race Information

Post  Jon606 on Fri 20 Nov - 15:33

Here is the race information for Round 6, a.k.a. "The Elimination Extravaganza", which will be on the Autocross Skid Pad at 20:00 GMT on the 21st of October 2009. Please read the LEAGUE RULES to familiarise yourself with our rules.

1. Skinpack
Here is the skinpack for this sixth and final round; it contains all the hi-res skins of the drivers who are taking part in Round 6. Extract it to [whatever your LFS folder is called]/data/skins_x for hi-res fun! Download from here: NM4CXZZ1

2. Layout
The layout that will be used will be a normal "bowl" type arena, made by The Very End. If you would like to practice this layout in single-player, then please download the file by clicking this link (although why you'd want to I've no idea): JC6YCS5R

3. Weather
We will have this round in sunset conditions with high wind.

4. Laps per race
Since the DDs will have no laps, then this does not apply. However, there may only be one, so this could be the shortest round of the season.

5. Starting the race
If you receive any penalties, then please tell an admin, who will remove it for you. If you make a false start and get spectated, then the admin will restart the race.

6. During the race
If you are rolled out, then please DO NOT SPECTATE. You will lose your position if you spectate. If you get auto-spectated, then you will not lose your position.

7. After the race
When the DD is finished, please stop and DO NOT try to force a restart. If a restart occurs without the admin restarting it, then you may be disqualified from the round if you were found to have caused the restart.

There aren't any.

Right, this is a VERY important part of the race information (that's why it's in bold red text). To just explain what will happen on the night if we get all drivers attending:
1. Group 2 will have their DD first, and this will be stopped once we get to 8 people remaining.
2. Group 1 will then have their DD, and as with the Group 2 DD, will be stopped once there are 8 drivers left.
3. These 16 drivers will go into the FINAL DD, which will not end until there is one car remaining.
Hopefully this explains everything for those who were confused by the idea.

Good luck to everyone who takes part! Very Happy

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