Test Round Results

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Test Round Results

Post  Jon606 on Sun 9 Aug - 14:52

Here are the results of the test round. Please click the images to get the full-size pictures.

Jyrsis successfully achieved the Stunt Super Bonus in Race 1, while Mookster only got half of the Crash Super Bonus in Race 4 due to not putting me in exactly as it was described in the Round Information Laughing

Well done to Jyrsis for winning the round, despite having to leave before the final race! Also, a special thanks to all the people who were at the round (even those who didn't race)

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4


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Re: Test Round Results

Post  Jyrsis on Mon 10 Aug - 6:37

oh man I won Very Happy
good start


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