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Would Zakky be a good admin and inproof the admin team of [CAD] ?

36% 36% 
[ 4 ]
9% 9% 
[ 1 ]
55% 55% 
[ 6 ]
Total Votes : 11

WS . C Zakky

Post  Spongey on Sat 1 Aug - 1:53

Zakky would like to join the CAD admin team, i have my doubts about this.
he is a good admin on the cruise servers from WindStyle where i spended more then half of my km on lfs,
but DD is allot more stressing. Since im not completely sure and havent discussed with all admins,
i would also like to know the oppinion of the 'racers' about it, so i also made a poll, or at least i tried to. =D

Greetings from Spongey


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