Banned jon606

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Banned jon606

Post  Spongey on Sat 28 Nov - 4:40

Jon606 was banned for joining one of the fake servers there 'clan'


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Re: Banned jon606

Post  Jon606 on Sat 28 Nov - 5:51

It was a blind obvious joke and you fell for it.
I can't believe how silly you are.

Now I've been banned from the server I can actually give my true and honest opinion of Spongey. The opinion that first got me banned back in April(?). Spongey is a control freak; there's no denying that. He's also the most over-reactive person I've probably seen in online games. Here's a replay of him banning someone for what was, in my opinion, just a speedy hit that wasn't meant: 8VXCSHSQ. If it was me, I would have just accepted it. But no; since it's Sponge then it results in a straight ban. I could provide a whole shitload of these replays but I'm just showing you the worst of them. If anyone wants the rest of them, PM me on LFSForum. I've also got evidence of pretty much every other [CAD] admin saying this exact same opinion of you, so it's clear that it's not just me who has this opinion.

Also, if I remember, Neb got banned this summer for just arguing with you (on the Profike account) just because you questioned what he was doing on the server? So??? If Neb wanted to race on South City with FBMs you should have just let him do it. No other admin at the time cared about Neb not having the right colour name or that he was AFK a lot; it looked like you wanted Neb gone as much as you wanted me gone.

So that's two admins down now since the server started; how many more will suffer from the fate of an idiotic server owner?

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