Admin Decision for the fifth round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League

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Admin Decision for the fifth round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League

Post  Jon606 on Sun 25 Oct - 10:59

The fifth round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League had a controversial incident in the fourth race regarding two drivers, 07 Puttonen (Puttone) and 61 M.Kujanpää (markuskujanpaa). This is the decision taken by me, Jon606, regarding this incident.

The incident happened on lap seven in the fourth race, on the main straight. After spinning out 52 Janne (Puttonen), 61 was then spun by 07 into the haybales, resulting in 61 turning into the small area so he could spin around. Puttonen then decided to push M.Kujanpää into the barrier, flipping the RB4 and ultimately ending his race, letting Janne go and win the race.

Leading up to this incident, Puttonen had decided to go slowly on the main straight and wait for Janne and M.Kujanpää. This could have been planned so that 61 would be taken out and 52 would win. This is ultimately against the spirit of DD racing; it's one-on-one, not team racing. Also, the move was a very dirty one which, despite dirty hits being allowed, was only done to eliminate the competition, making it an illegal dirty hit.

For this incident, Puttone has received a 150 point deduction and a first formal warning. If he receives two more of these, he will be removed from the league, and his records will be erased.

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