Ricky Slater, JP and Godfather

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Ricky Slater, JP and Godfather Empty Ricky Slater, JP and Godfather

Post  mookster on Sat 17 Oct - 3:03

Ricky Slater and Godfather deserve lengthy bans for their antics last night

rapidshare.com mpr.ace.html

Replay #1 'Ricky'

blocking @ 1:47

Ricky Slater/rickyslater102:
oppo @ 3:40
abuse starting at 4:21

Replay #2 'Ricky 2'

Ricky Slater/rickyslater102:
blocking @ 3:30
abuse @ 3:35

Replay #3 'Ricky 3'

Ricky Slater/rickyslater102:
blocking @ 1:47

Replay #4 'godfather fag'

blocking @ 1:13
blocking @ 2:36
oppo & blocking @ 3:24
oppo @ 4:15

Replay #5 'Godfather'

blocking @ start
oppo & blocking 0:55-2:00
blocking @ 2:35


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Ricky Slater, JP and Godfather Empty Re: Ricky Slater, JP and Godfather

Post  Jon606 on Sat 17 Oct - 14:52

I think Ricky needs to actually look at what happened; he swerved to avoid Puncher, hits the wall and blames you for taking him out?
What happens after this is childish and stupid; Ricky's got himself permanently banned for breaking the rules 10 times over the 3 replays.

As for enzo, he's permanently banned as well. He broke the rules 12 times over the 2 replays, 8 in the first one alone!

Aside from the main two, JP is on a final warning for the two rule breaks in that replay.

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