X-treme Kyoto Oval night

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X-treme Kyoto Oval night

Post  rdl25 on Fri 16 Oct - 11:42



Username: GuillaumeJDM22
Reason: Blocking
Video: 1.15, 2.07, 2.21, 2.53, 4.37, 5.19, 6.53
Link: megaupload.com H46X0F8H



Username: jdmracer_theonly1
Reason: Wrong way
Video: 4.19
Link: megaupload.com 9BHW01L6

Video: 1.47
Link: megaupload.com O9YJ3Q3M



Username: Eduardo
Reason: Blocking
Video: 1.11, 2.51
Link: megaupload.com 66WVAI60

Video: 2.04
Link: megaupload.com KFSABTCW

Video: 1.28
Link: megaupload.com NQ4LE28N

Video: 1.12, 2.44, 2.58, 4.27
Link: megaupload.com TPC6J6FA



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Re: X-treme Kyoto Oval night

Post  Jon606 on Sat 17 Oct - 14:11

JDM22 is permanently banned for breaking the rules eight times in that replay.

jdmracer-theonly1 seemed to have a long-running feud with speedrce that just got stupid. speedrce and jdmracer are on first warnings for taking part in this feud.

Finally, eduma0708 seems to have just gone mad after rolling in the first of the four replays, and is now permanently banned for 9 rule breaks over the four replays.

Also, you seem to have missed Denisek out, who was breaking the rules quite a bit, plus he was targeting you for some reason. He is banned permanently for breaking the rules 7 times in total from some of the replays.

Lejade is on a final warning for breaking the rules twice, while dirkdigler and KARTRACER10 are both on a first warning for blocking.

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Re: X-treme Kyoto Oval night

Post  JDM22 on Mon 19 Oct - 14:08

OMG! Im not seriously permantly banned!!! confused Im just a noob on this server and is was a bad night for me... Damn, im very sorry for what I did. I didnt even know all the rules of the server! If not, I would not do that... I just wanted to have fun and change ideas! Plz, give me acces to the forum Ill do anything to get the acces back to the server! Thank you ... Sad

I didnt have any warning or anything else... Nobody told me to stop.... Damn, be sure that I will never do that again...


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Re: X-treme Kyoto Oval night

Post  ck Puncher on Mon 19 Oct - 20:10

Seems like u enjoy standing on trajectories, really admiring scawens artwork, like in an art gallery. wait till rockinham!

Sometimes I would want to forget the rules and crash, but its not that kind of an server, oh yes i have few replays, i should post em, cause one guy keeps me bothering for 2-3 days Evil or Very Mad

oh yes, one headache less on the server!!

ck Puncher

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Re: X-treme Kyoto Oval night

Post  ProjectD on Sun 25 Oct - 12:51

dont need this kind of idiots in the servers Evil or Very Mad


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Re: X-treme Kyoto Oval night

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