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Round 4 Post-Discussion Empty Round 4 Post-Discussion

Post  Jon606 on Sat 10 Oct - 15:04

Here you can talk about what you thought of the fourth round.

I was quite annoyed at the actual lack of numbers tonight; we had 9 people in total. Even though this is our highest turnout percentage yet of 81.1%, it was quite boring at times due to the size of the track compared with the number of drivers. I'm hoping that the next round will be much better attended. Also, some people decided to ignore the "no talking" rule so there looks like there'll be many deductions.

The ramp and barrier bugs decided to ruin many people's races, so this was a problem. Luckily the next round has no ramps so not that many races will be ruined. Funniest bit was the end of race 2 when rdl decided to wait to wreck Wheeling's race, only for Wheeling to go past and win by .37s!

No-one got either of the bonuses, but this could be due to a lack of drivers tonight. Hopefully "The Upmarket Demolition" will bring back the drivers and the crashes! Very Happy

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Round 4 Post-Discussion Empty Re: Round 4 Post-Discussion

Post  General Hybris on Sat 10 Oct - 18:27

Well, i had fun. First race was tooth and nail between Oliver, rdl and me while Wheeling was wheeling ahead. Second saw me on the roof. Third gave me the opportunity to fulfill my birthday promise to Jyrsis to take care of Jon ... after that move i was willing to settle in second place after the ever wheeling Wheeling but hey - he epically failed trying to do some stunt on Jon - Win! Last one was insane, my car was broken in lap 3 and jumping like mad. It was so annoying that in lap 6 i started honking to the beat of the bumps to overlay the embarrassing metal-on-metal sound. Watch me in the replay to see LFS physics at work...

Conclusion: The only derbyist able to stop Wheeling today was himself, and hey, that guy is good at what he's doing. So i'm happy about two wins Very Happy
General Hybris
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