Admin Decision for the third round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League

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Admin Decision for the third round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League Empty Admin Decision for the third round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League

Post  Jon606 on Sun 27 Sep - 8:19

The third round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League was marred by an incident in the third race regarding two drivers, 20 J. MAY (mr souter) and 27 Mookster (mookie427). This incident led to all deductions in races three and four to be nulled, i.e. the deductions didn't count. This is the decision taken by me, Jon606, regarding this incident.

First of all, in the first race, mr souter had complained about people "lag crashing" him, specifically 01 Jyrsis & Mookster. This was because mr souter was the only person lagging, as no-one else had a significant lag problem, therefore people would be lagged if they hit him.

Secondly, in the third race, on lap 1, at the first bend, mr souter hit 32 General Hybris, a move which lag-catapulted Hybris into Mookster, which then inexplicably flung Mookster backwards, who hit 08 Wheeling in the process. Hybris then hit 04 Jetter (jetter10), who was flung forward. Luckily, no-one had their race ruined because of this. It's clear from the replay that mr souter was the cause of this incident, as without him hitting Hybris, then Mookster wouldn't have been flung backwards.

Thirdly, the main incident, which occured on lap 2 in race 3, just after the hilljump, looks to have started after Mookster was flung into the air after coming off the jump, and after landing and losing control, hit J.MAY in the side door at 70mph which threw him up into the air. J.MAY was then hit by 83 Dark (darkside_tf), spinning J.MAY out and into the sandtrap. Mookster then went into the sandtrap and looked to be trying to stop J.MAY from leaving the trap. During this, Mookster was lagged by mr souter into the wall. This then started up a barrage of abuse between both drivers, which ended up with Mookster hitting J.MAY on the start/finish straight at approximately 100mph and flipping himself, while J.MAY went out of bounds, although it did look as if there was a bit of lag during this hit.

The final incident happened on lap 1 of the last race, at turn 1. Mookster sideswiped J.MAY off the track at about 95mph, which resulted in both drivers being roofed. This incident was not lag-related, but it marked the end of this scuffle.

mr souter is a newcomer to this league, but he should have expected that the league would be for drivers who are able to take AND receive hits, no matter how hard or soft the hit is. I did explain to him that in the other rounds Mookster has been in (Test Round and Round 1) no one has complained about receiving a huge hit from him, and that everyone has been fine. I also told mr souter that "it seems like you've pissed him off, not the other way around". This is what seems to have happened.

Concluding this, both drivers, 20 J.MAY (mr souter) and 27 Mookster (mookie427) are now both on a first formal warning. If they collect 3 of these, then they will be removed from the league, and have all their results removed, making it look like they never entered the league.

If either driver involved in this incident would like to contact me regarding anything in this post, then please do.

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Admin Decision for the third round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League Empty Re: Admin Decision for the third round of the [CAD] Destruction Derby League

Post  jetter10 on Sun 27 Sep - 11:00

also i would like to add, that was alot of swearing....

EDIT: forgot to add he will be changing his internet provider from aol ( a [insert swear word here] company) to BT (a decent one or atleast half decent)

Unfortunately, 20 J.MAY (mr souter) has incurred another formal warning, this time for calling someone a "spaz" in race 1. If he gets another formal warning, he will be removed from the league entirely.
from jon in the result section


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