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Round 2 Post-Discussion Empty Round 2 Post-Discussion

Post  Jon606 on Sat 12 Sep - 14:18

Here you can talk about what you thought of the second round.

Well we finally hit the 60% target, (and now I'm aiming for 70% Laughing) but it was a shame that, like the previous rounds, these numbers fell off the further we got through the round. Also, there were a high number of absentees who didn't notify me as to why they couldn't attend, so as I did last round, the reserves who attended tonight (all of them in fact, which was good) will go into the guaranteed list.

The track was a very good track, but I think that the barrier bug ruined many people's races tonight, so apologies to everyone for that, but it was clearly out of my control. Also, some drivers need to calm down when racing as there were some complaints about incidents tonight, and the complaints shouldn't have happened. It was good to see people not spectating or pitting this time round, so well done.

Crash / stunt-wise, many people got "killed" over the round (Very Happy), but no-one got either points bonus (Sad) I think this might have been due to the lack of drivers. The best stunt in my opinion was in race 2, when RDL held a 2-wheeler as he went around the sharp left hander, which was amazing. However, the "Island of Destruction" at Fern Bay Club Reversed should provide everyone with tons of Crash and Stunt Points! Twisted Evil

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Round 2 Post-Discussion Empty Re: Round 2 Post-Discussion

Post  mookster on Sat 12 Sep - 16:27

hope you all had a good meet, I was in the pub Laughing


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